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Creednz is a new B2B fraud prevention technology aimed at servicing the modern CFO and protecting corporations from fraudulent transactions in a proactive manner. 82% of US based companies have been hit by business fraud in 2021, of which 43% ended up losing money from it. Creendz’s technology helps CFOs modernize and digitize their financial controls by enabling them to correlate transactions with data from corporate systems, banking and real-world risk indicators, which prevent organizations from falling prey to fraudsters (whether they are external or internal). Finally the CFO can regain control of risks such as: supply chain impersonations, compromised vendors, and even corporate insiders by adding a new financial control. Creednz was founded by two highly experienced Cybersecurity professionals that have worked with finance professionals to offer a new set of financial controls that have never existed and will change the way we think about corporate finances’ lines of defense

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